Lingam gay massage

Lingam massage is an incredible mental and physical pleasure. During the massage you should concentrate on relaxing and enjoying an unforgettable session. We assure that if you completely surrender to the sensations, the session will turn into waves of numerous orgasms rolling one after the other, and the last one, when ejaculation occurs, will be more intense and longer lasting than during a sexual intercourse.

A lingam massage will also teach you to better understand your own body, to control sexual desires and to ejaculate yourself. With proper practice, you will be able to achieve multiple orgasms during normal sex as well. Let our masseur give you complete pleasure. Lingam means “rod of light” in Sanskrit, which in a less sublime way we can represent simply as a penis.
However, a Lingam massage is not simply masturbation.

The masseur touches your penis with his hand or just his fingers, stroking, squeezing and rubbing it. The aim is to bring you very close to orgasm, but with a last-minute slowdown that won’t allow for a final ejaculation. To enhance the sensations, the masseur gently massages not only the penis, but also the perineum, the testicles and even the male G-spot, which not every man knew existed until now!

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Lingam gay massage BABYLON Warsaw Poland

After all, the lingam is the most sensitive part of the male body, susceptible to gentle and full movements. Massive streams of energy flow through the organ experiencing the lingam massage. This type of massage evolves the ability of the penis to flow through it new stimuli not felt before. Through appropriate hand movements, the entire area is controlled by the man, keeping his penis under constant tension.

Our masseur, through sophisticated movements, will discreetly relieve you of unnecessary tension, give you solace and peace. Experience all the sensual sensations during this time and let your imagination run wild. One of the most important features of the lingam massage is the mood that accompanies the sensual movements of the experienced masseur. It is worth bearing in mind that the purpose of this practice is not ejaculation itself, but symbolic
liberation. The lingam massage will also release the tension, let it leave and summon the energy to move freely through the body.

The gay lingam massage session takes place in a pleasant, relaxing environment filled with discreet yet exciting aromas. In this special way our guest over, exchanging the tense reality of his life for the slow-moving and pleasant reality of the room, where he experiences physical and mental pleasure. Lingam massage performed by our masseurs is much more exciting than the usual penetration.

Gay Lingam massage in Warsaw not only helps to get rid of tension and fatigue, but also improves health and well-being.

Thanks to the lingam massage, muscles are strengthened, joint mobility improves, and mobility improves. During the procedure, the massage therapist directly affects the skin, muscles and ligaments.

Lingam massage of gay includes basic elements that are repeated in all European massage systems. The effect of massage increases due to the gradual effect on the body, which becomes deeper.

In Warsaw, a specialist uses massage lingam techniques in a strict sequence

Light stroking. Lingam massage begins with a smooth smoothing of the skin, which is carried out with light half-touches with minimal pressure. This is a warming up of the body before more sensitive influences. Thanks to this technique, the client feels more relaxed, the pain syndrome decreases. Stroking helps the massage therapist in identifying the problem areas of the client and in selecting the most effective techniques.

Intensive manipulation, due to which the blood supply to the vessels of a certain area of ​​the body is activated. Increased muscle tone, increased blood flow and lymph flow has increased. Reception helps to reduce nervous tension and pain. Manipulation is carried out at a slow pace, the pressure is quite noticeable. Kneading activates metabolism in tissues, activates metabolism in tissues, promotes the removal of decay products and toxins.

The final stage of the lingam massage is stroking the penis, the purpose of which is to return the body to its original state.

The classic lingam massage improves health and well-being with the help of certain methods of working with the hands on the client’s penis.

Before signing up for a lingam massage in Warsaw, it is important to decide on the choice of a salon or office where the procedure is performed. There are many advertisements for such services on the Internet, but first you should study real reviews of erotic massage. Often they are found on thematic forums, saunas, massage rooms. Salon websites can trust reviews in video format, which show that they were left by real clients.

The price of a lingam massage can be different and depends on several points, the location of the salon and the level of training of the massage therapist; the number of lingam massage sessions you pay for.


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