Erotic gay massage

erotic gay massage

Experts believe it is a unique type of massage that will help develop your sexuality and increase sensuality. If you don’t go to extremes, an erotic gay massage will be a great way to spice up your sex life and get to know your erogenous areas better. Its aim is to provide sensual pleasure and then bring you to orgasm and even several orgasms in one session!

“Proper” erotic gay massage is a combination of classical massage and petting techniques. Similarly to any other massage, erotic massage has a beneficial effect on the skin, muscles and internal organs. It stimulates the flow of vital energy, has the strongest effect on our mental state and of course on our mental health. It helps to release sexual energy and helps to direct it in the right direction.

An erotic gay massage consists of touching, stroking, rubbing in of aromatic oils and listening to the sounds of pleasant music. It also gives an incredible feeling of harmony and contentment, helps to relax to the maximum and simultaneously gain strength for new challenges. Erotic massage is the art of giving pleasure. You will be surprised how much of it you can experience during a massage, wanting to enjoy it endlessly…

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Erotic gay massage BABYLON Warsaw Poland

Such type of erotic gay massage brings not only a lot of pleasure, but also contributes to the development of sexual potential, the awakening of sexual energy and its release. Increases sensitivity and sexual performance. Regardless of age or sexual experience, it’s a fantastic way to relax after a hard week. It enriches sex life and strengthens relationships. While performing it, not only the process of awakening sexual energy plays a huge role.

This is because during a erotic gay massage you also begin to understand and feel yourself better, and you learn to communicate, to make contact not on the level of words, but on the level of feelings, sensations, emotions, touch, and also looks. The aim of erotic gay massage is to excite, to create favourable conditions for sensual pleasure and finally, as a conclusion, to a full orgasm at the proper time.

Gay massage erotic

Erotic gay massage is not just a method that can relieve accumulated fatigue and stress, but also a good way to improve your health and well-being, to reach the peak of satisfaction. Such therapy helps to improve blood and lymph circulation, helps to strengthen muscles and joint mobility, and achieve euphoria.

Erotic gay massage tricks

During the massage procedures, the massage therapist has a direct effect on the skin, ligaments and muscles. The basic elements that make up erotic gay massage are the same in every European massage system. Gradual pressure on the body increases the massage effect, its action occurs more deeply.

Erotic massage techniques, are performed in strict alternation:

  • light stroking. Erotic body gay massage starts with smoothing the skin. It happens smoothly and with little pressure on the skin. This therapeutic technique, in technique, is similar to warming up the body. After minor half-touches, the specialist proceeds to more tangible impacts. This technique contributes to the fact that the client gradually gets used to the hands of the massage therapist, begins to relax, and the pain in the body goes away. During this manipulation, preparation for stronger impacts occurs. Through stroking, the massage therapist determines the problem areas of the patient, and selects the most potent techniques;
  • trituration. Such manipulation is carried out intensively, to supply blood to the vessels of one or another part of the body. During rubbing, the lymph flow and blood flow are heated. Muscle tone is increased. Nervous tension decreases and pain syndrome decreases;
  • kneading. The procedure is performed slowly, deeply with palpable pressure. There is a passive effect on muscles, ligaments, activation of metabolic processes in tissues, toxin and decay products are removed.

The erotic gay massage ends with stroking, and bringing the body to its primary state. In general, classical massage is a manipulation that is carried out by the movement of the masseur’s hands over the patient’s body in order to improve his well-being and health.

Erotic gay massage reviews

Before signing up for erotic gay massage in Warsaw, you need to choose a massage parlor with a sauna or where massage therapists work. On the Internet you can see a lot of advertising, different salons and massage rooms, but initially you should familiarize yourself with erotic gay massage reviews. They can be found on thematic forums, on the sites themselves. Often clients leave video reviews, which is confirmation that they are left by real people.

Erotic gay massage price will vary depending on:

  • salon location;
  • the presence of a sauna;
  • level of qualification, as well as work experience of a specialist;
  • the number of sessions attended.

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